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ProSoft Group Inc. (an Inc.500 company established in 1995) is a leading edge, global IT service provider. ProSoft uses customer-centric, value-driven project management and solution-delivery methodologies to deliver Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time solutions.

What we stand for...
  • Demonstrate long term commitment to clients on a consistent basis.
  • Provide cost effective services to clients by leveraging global delivery model in an optimized manner.
  • Continuously improve skills, build teams and innovate models to improve value to clients.

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Upcoming Webinar

Blueworks Live Modeling & IBM BPM 8.5 Integration

Date: June 3, 2016
Time: 11 AM CDT
Duration: 45 Minutes

In this webinar, ProSoft BPM CoE will present the capabilities of Blueworks Live, an IBM's Cloud Based product that enables organizations to take stock of their business processes and assist in documenting and optimizing their business models. We will demonstrate a sample implementation of a model created in Blueworks live. This model is implemented in BPM Integration layer using IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) 8.5. 

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