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SOA Strategy : Reap the benefits with a comprehensive governance model

"In the past few years, Service Oriented Architecture has gone from ""the talk of the town"" to solid reality. The continued rise in the popularity of SOA ""requires disciplined governance to achieve the promised reuse."

Businesses must get SOA right from the start in order to prevent projects from turning into merely A Bunch of Services.

In this session, we will cover
* What is SOA Governance?
* Why do we need Governance?
* Strategy and Roadmap
* Governance Platform and CentraSite
* Plan, define and implement design/runtime Governance and policy enforcement
* Q & A
Saraya Pandey
Sarayu is an Sr. Integration Architect with over 15+ years of IT experience and 10+ years of experience in Software AG suite of products.

ESB Maturity with Reference Architecture: Process and Tools.

"Although enterprise service buses (ESBs) have been around for a number of years, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the actual capabilities these products provide. Product enhancement efforts by leading ESB vendors have added to the confusion, as new features often cross product boundaries with other integration product categories.

The STATT (Strategic Technical Application Techniques and Tactics) methodology from ProSoft Technology Group helps your organization build the foundation required to successfully execute SOA program on the ESB.

This offering can be tailored to fit your needs, based on your organization's maturity in the SOA program and on the ESB platform.

In this session, we will walk you through our approach and demonstrate the value added deliverables from such initiatives."

Ram Kanumuri
Ram is the Vice President for Integration Technology Practices at ProSoft

Customizing SAP Hybris Types and Implementing a Custom Promotion Rule

Specific to an organization's business processes, customization to eCommerce platform is inevitable.
Hybris approach to customization involves understanding of underlying type system and tiers such as Jalo, Model and Service.
In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into Hyrbis types, creating custom type followed by an example showing how Promotion module can be customized.
Ravi Pal
Ravi is a Practice Lead,  E-Commerce and Digital Marketing  for ProSoft. Ravi has over 20 years  of experience in eCommerce (B2B and B2C)  and played critical  role  in  several complex eCommerce and Digital Marketing initiatives including  omni-channel strategy, digital marketing, social collaboration, retail supply chain operations  for medium to big size retailers.