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Hybris Platform Architecture – Presentation Tier & WCMS Omni Channel Capabilities

n this webinar, we will provide an in-depth knowledge of Hybris Platform Presentation Tier Architecture and its building blocks mainly WCMS (Web Content Management System).

We will walk you through with the fundamental principles of web content management systems in the context of SAP Hybris, and develop a deep understanding of templates, rendering engine, scripts, components of WCMS module.

We will uncover design vs. runtime structural building blocks of WCMS and CMS Cockpit by working through synchronous and asynchronous requests originating from various channels.

These principles will be very beneficial to modify existing UI/UX components and also developing new.

This can be very beneficial for Architects, Developers and Managers responsible for delivery.


Ravi Pal
Ravi is a Practice Lead, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing for ProSoft.

Ravi has over 20 years of experience in eCommerce (B2B and B2C) and played critical role in several complex eCommerce and Digital Marketing initiatives including omni-channel strategy, digital marketing, social collaboration, retail supply chain operations for medium to big size retailers.

Enable IBM BPM for SAP Systems/Processes (Live Demo)

Learn how to provide rapid, agile and iterative business value by leveraging BPM for SAP. You will improve the quality visibility and agility of your SAP processes in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, reduce costs and optimize business performance.

In this webinar, ProSoft team will outline –
•    Why BPM for SAP is relevant, and
•    What is BPM for SAP, and,
•    How BPM for SAP provides more value to your enterprise SAP platform

IBM Blueworks, IBM BPM, Live, SAP

Shomu Bagchi heads the BPM practice for ProSoft Group, technology leader and practitioner focused on process and technology solutions that drive business transformation and growth as well as improve efficiency and agility within organizations. Over 20 years of experience in solution delivery using BPM, Business Rules & Connectivity