Software AG


ProSoft has been servicing the Software AG webMethods community since 1997 with Distinction and Excellence. With over 250 successful webMethods implementations throughout USA and Canada ProSoft is the most trusted and sought after systems integrator for Software AG webMethods technologies.

ProSoft’s has 100+ Software AG webMethods SMEs and Consultants specializing in integration services. ProSoft has the most experienced top-tier webMethods consultant base in the industry.

ProSoft has been a long-standing partner for Software AG and formerly webMethods and support implementation services in the entire product offering of Software AG.

ProSoft has proven expertise and reference able success stories in the following tools and technologies:
webMethods ESB Core – Integration Server and Broker
webMethods TN, EDI, EDIINT and eStandards
webMethods BPM Suite
webMethods CAF and Portal (MWS)
webMethods Universal Messaging
webMethods Optimize (BAM)
webMethods IBO
Terracotta and BigMemory
Apama CEP and Presto
ARIS BPA and Architect
Alphabet EA and PPM and
webMethods Integration Cloud